Christopher Heath
2712 Parkway Circle
Sterling Heights MI 48310-7139
(810) 983-3397


Versatile programmer. Learns new languages and concepts quickly and easily. Currently fluent in C++, Pascal, HTML, Perl, MFC, and the MacOS API. Database experience. Experience as a contract programmer.


AutoWeb Communications, Inc., Oak Park MI, Software Engineer: (Apr 2000–present)

Created a C++ class library for encryption software, using RSA BSAFE.

University of Michigan, Dept of Mathematics, Ann Arbor MI, Programmer: (Jan 1998–June 1998)

Updated CGI scripts on a web site; added a parser. Used Perl and Maple.

Lumley Insurance Inc., Auckland, NZ, Programmer/Analyst (sporadically, between 1993–1995)

Programmed database reports; wrote documentation. Used SQL searches, and lower-level FoxPro searches.

Flex Insurance Ltd., Auckland, NZ, Programmer/Analyst (full-time, Nov 1992–Mar 1993)

Updated a FoxPro database application; designed and implemented new features; provided technical support for the users.

Custom Micro Design, Auckland, NZ, Programmer (1990–1992)

Various projects, mostly programming the chips in hardware devices. Used many assembly languages, Pascal, Windows 3.1 API.


Here are some of the skills I have acquired over the years. Most of these I taught myself as the need arose:



Working towards a PhD in Mathematics at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI (1996–2000)

MSc in Mathematics from University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand (1995)

My Masters of Science was a 1-year project, which involved reading a selection of related research papers, and giving seminars on them.

BSc(Hons) in Mathematics from University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ (1991–1994), GPA: 3.90

A BSc(Hons) is a 4-year degree: 3 years for a Bachelor of Science, and then an additional “honors” year taking graduate-level courses.

Related Coursework

Software Engineering, University of Michigan, Fall 1997

Discussion of common problems. Worked in a team of 3 to produce a program.

4 Computer Science courses, University of Auckland, 1991–1993

Learning Pascal, Data structures, Computer systems, Software design and construction.


Teaching mathematics to college-level students, especially on an individual basis.

Musical activities, such as singing in a choir.

Keyword Summary

Programmer, C++, Pascal, HTML, Java, Perl, CGI, FoxPro, Visual Basic, Macintosh, MacOS, Windows, Unix, TeX, vi, Excel, Word, encryption, BSAFE, Crypto-C, documentation, reports.