Christopher Heath
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Versatile programmer with over 10 years professional experience. Learns new languages, codebases, and concepts quickly and easily. Currently fluent in Perl, PHP, C++, HTML, MySQL, and Redhat Linux.


NetWorks Group, Inc.: Application Architect (July 2006present)

Primary developer of a log-viewing web appliance. Used Perl, PHP, C++, and MySQL on CentOS.

AutoWeb Communications, Inc.: Software Engineer (April 2000June 2006)

Helped develop a web app for encrypting and delivering large files. Used Perl, C++, Java, and PostgreSQL on Debian Linux.

Various summer jobs while at high school and university (19901998)

Programmed hardware devices using assembly languages, Pascal, and even Windows 3.1 API.

Automated reports for analyzing insurance trends using Foxpro database scripts.

Automated university math entrance tests using Perl, TeX (math typesetting), and Maple (algebra system).



Worked towards a PhD in Mathematics at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (19962000)

This included one extra-curricular Computer Science project: a guitar tutoring program.

MSc in Mathematics from University of Auckland, New Zealand (1995)

My Masters of Science was a 1-year project that involved reading a selection of related research papers and giving seminars on them.

BSc(Hons) in Mathematics from University of Auckland, New Zealand (19911994), GPA: 3.90

A BSc(Hons) is a 4-year degree: 3 years for a Bachelor of Science, and then an additional “honors” year taking graduate-level courses.

Computer Science projects included: a Boggle game using MacOS QuickDraw, a program written in VAX assembly language, and timing and analysis of 5 different sort algorithms.


Aaron Thul

EMOL Health — Vice President of Technology and Compliance Officer

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