Improved UTF-8 support for the Linux kernel

Note: this site is currently focussing mainly on Linux kernel 2.6.x. I have only backported one of them to 2.4 so far.


The Linux kernel has some support for UTF-8 keyboard input, but it has some gaping holes that make it awkward to use, especially when using the console. I have been working on some patches to improve the situation.

My current goal is to have no regressions. That is: I want to be able to do everything in UTF-8 mode that is possible to do in non-Unicode mode. This in itself doesn't give you any incentive to switch to using Unicode. It simply removes the disincentives.

After that, my next goal will be to write a new input method, since the existing input method for extended Latin characters is very 8-bit centric, and is not easily extended to cover the wide range of Unicode characters available.



The patches for the 2.6 kernel can be downloaded in two forms. Take your pick.

Obsolete Downloads

All of the older downloads that were available from this site are archived here.