Program idea: TeX Converter


Many, many professionals and graduate students in the mathematical sciences use the TeX macro language to produce research papers, lecture notes, and theses. TeX has become a standard format for academic journals, who often promise a quicker time from submission to publication if the article is written in TeX. However, TeX is cumbersome to use because it is a compiled language. Rather than editing the document in a WYSIWYG manner, you have to edit a source file and recompile it to see how it looks.

If only there was a program that converts a standard Microsoft Word document (or RTF) into TeX! Then scientists could write their papers in a standard word processor, and simply convert it to TeX before publication.

Such a TeX converter would need to have the following features:


This program would probably be in the form of a drag and drop utility: drag your Word file onto the program icon and a TeX version of it will be saved.

It would have the following features, which accommodate the above needs:

Just getting TeX to mimic Microsoft's format is not enough, since publishers may need to change the parameters (the page size, for instance). What sets this program apart from other converters is interactivity. This enables it to produce quality TeX code that conforms to publishers specifications.

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