I'm from New Zealand!

(in case you hadn't noticed!)

But if you've met me, I'm sure you would have noticed — you can tell my accent a mile away. I am gradually learning American terminology, and as I do, I am becoming increasingly fascinated by the differences. I have put together a page of Kiwi jargon that you might find enjoyable reading, or useful in the event that a piece of "New Zealandese" slips out of my mouth.

New Zealand links

Here are some links with a kiwi flavour (pun not intended!)
  1. Official New Zealand homepage.
  2. The New Zealand phone book. Search for anyone with a telephone in New Zealand!
  3. View the current NZ-dollar to US-dollar exchange rate.
  4. The homepage of the math department of my "home" university.
  5. Auckland Math Department's very own Preprint Server (but I never got as far as having anything to put on it!)
  6. A home-page for the New Zealand Approximation Theory Group.

Random tidbit

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